5 Must-Buy Banarasi Sarees to Make Your Wardrobe Stand Out!

Since the dawn of time, Banarasi Silk Sarees have been an integral part of every North Indian bride's trousseau. Varanasi is the oldest place in the world and is credited with producing the authentic Banarasi Sarees due to its historical significance. When it comes to commemorating family functions and festive occasions, the Banarasi sarees are among the top picks. However, over time, the art of curating Banarasi sarees has undergone many transformations, thereby revamping the complete paradigm of such an ethnic attire.


The 'Indian Naris in Banarasi Sarees' can always make people awestruck irrespective of their age. The trousseau of any Indian woman would be incomplete without a Banarasi sari. So, to make your wardrobe stand out among the rest, here we have brought you some most sought-after Banarasi sarees. Take a look!

1. Banarasi Bandhej Handloom Saree

Bandhani is a technique that involves dyeing a cloth tied tightly with a thread at different points, which produces a variety of patterns depending on the way the thread is tied. Bandhani uses natural colours and is created through a tie-and-dye process. Since the dyeing is done by hand, the most beautiful colours and combinations can be created. Therefore, draping this Banarasi Bandhej Handloom Saree would help you amplify your beauty.

2. Golden Pure Tissue Metallic Handloom Banarasi Saree

 For women having an exclusive taste in Banarasi saree and craftsmanship, this catalogue is a perfect choice to choose from. The tissue silk is light and easy to wear & care for, thereby making it a versatile attire for all seasons. Transformed by scrunching a piece in water, the fabric is woven by the renowned zari brocade weaver using gold brocade.

3. Green Patola Silk Handloom Banarasi Saree

Women preferring vibrating colours on festive occasions can choose this Patola saree. This saree is delicately woven and is a perfect ethnic attire to match your festive as well as party vibes. Representing the finest craftsmanship of experienced traditional weavers of Banaras, this green patola saree gives you sheer comfort and an appealing look. Complement it with a contrasting blouse to enhance the beauty of this magnum opus piece.

4. Pure Chiffon Handloom Banarasi Saree

A woman draped in this majestic creation is delightful to watch. Spectacularly handwoven, the pure chiffon Banarasi saree is lightweight and is perfect for summer weddings. They are easy to carry and can enhance the overall personality. This is the extraordinary gift from weavers of Banaras to all the admirers of the Banarasi saree.

5. Pure Katan Silk Handwoven Banarasi Saree

Looking for an enchanting saree? Halt your exploration right away as pure Katan Silk handwoven saree is the answer to all your search results. Available in a plethora of stunning shades and magnificent zari pallu to swoon over, it gives a very rich and royal look. This saree is irresistible and can be draped flawlessly and easily.

It's not surprising that Indian sarees showcase the country's creativity and diversity in abundance, both of which are sure to appeal to any saree lover. If you want to buy pure Banarasi sarees, then we are the junction where you will find the best deals, options, and services. Order with us right away and sit relaxed while we deliver your personal favorite at your doorstep.