Banarasi Silk Materials for Wedding Function 2021

The Banarasi Handloom Sarees are our Indian specialty. Banarasi sarees are made in the city of Varanasi which is also called Banaras. Across the globe, these sarees are considered one of the finest sarees from India. Banarasi sarees are mostly made up of silk and types of silk but some may have a blend of other material. Mostly the Banarasi sarees are worn by the brides in India for ages. Even today this tradition goes on.

Indian wedding functions always demand you to wear your bright clothes. Banarasi sarees are the best you can wear. If you are planning to wear Banarasi silk then you may choose one among a lot of types. All the types of Banarasi silk are listed in this article. Choose the silk which you like.

History of the banarasi silk

The Banarasi sarees came into existence in India in ancient times. Mughals were very fond of this material. This culture was inspired by the Mughal designs. Even today the tradition of Banarasi sarees continues. The designs are really inspired by the Mughal era architecture. It takes a lot of time for one Banarasi saree to get prepared. Today, the latest handloom saree design is also so inspired by past work.

Types of banarasi silk to choose from

  • Katan silk – this is also a pure silk form. It is made up of winding of a lot of silk threads together with zari work. The fabric is very fine and smooth.
  • Shattir silk – is a versatile fabric that gives a contemporary look. It is used to make modern designs of outfits.
  • Kora silk – this is also known as organza silk. It is a woven fabric with small motifs and intricate gold and silver thread work.
  • Georgette silk – this is shiny yet light woven silk. It has small or big designs on it.
  • Jangla silk – this is the material that has a particular leafy and floral design. These designs have big patterns woven on them.
  • Tanchoi silk – this type of silk has colorful crisscross patterns on it.
  • Cutwork silk –this saree has a combination of cutting and designing. It is mostly a combination of silk and cotton.
  • Tissue silk – this is a delicate zari woven saree. It is translucent with big zari designs onit.
  • Butidar silk – it has big gold or silver designs on it. Buti means designs in banarasi.

Today the designers choose any of these Banarasi silk materials to make the latest handloom saree. Because of this, there is more popularity of this fabric.

The Banarasi sarees can be best paired with any simple blouse. For bridal wear, you made it with an embroidered blouse. Because of the bright colors and bright designs, a simple blouse will give a subtle look. The Banarasi handloom sarees come in a wide range of colors. Mostly in Indian weddings, bright colors are to be. When it is paired with some Kundan or meenakari jewelry it will give a perfect wedding look. There are a lot of designers who are not appreciating the Banarasi handloom sarees.