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India is one of the most prosperous countries in culture and tradition. People celebrate all festivals in a glamorous and alluring way and believe that any occasion will be of great help. Every region and every state, whether south or north, has excellent food, diverse rituals, different clothes, and much more. But there is one thread of elegance that binds everyone. It's their love for Saree. The beauty of 9 meters fabric is essential to all women. It is more than just a fabric that you can hang on your hips. It's much more. It has a more profound emotional association with everyone.

What is a saree?

Saree is the central outerwear for women in the Indian subcontinent and is often composed of colorful and often embroidered silk, cotton, or, more recently, 5-7 meters long synthetic fibers. You can drape the end and wrap it around your body or attach it to your head as a hood. If you love saree and want to grow your current collection, you can check out the summer saree collection at any online store.

Different varieties of sarees from across the country

  • Kasavu from Kerela

Also known as Settu Saree, it was traditionally just a mundu, a blouse, and a stole beyond blouses. Many old ladies are still living this style. It is a modern alternative, featuring a thick golden edging woven with threads made of actual gold. However, it has gotten expanded to include colors and synthetic fibers to keep up with the times.
  • Banarasi from Varanasi

Varanasi Sari is known for its gold and silver zari patterns and motifs. Originally woven only for royalty, each sari gets made of real gold and silver strands. The details were so complex that it took more than a year to complete weaving the sari at the time. But now there are many options. You can add this to your summer saree collection. 
  • Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh

Silk, zari, and cotton are woven into fabrics lighter than feathers, have a majestic luster, and look beautiful. It's one of the best fabrics out there, and it's very comfortable to wear. If you're a fastidious sari person, this will keep you from worrying.
  • Phulkari from Punjab

It means flower work, and that is what it is. The task of threads in bright shades in the form of flowers is present. It first appeared in the romantic Heer-Ranjha romance and has been there ever since. Phulkari embroidery usually gets done in either cotton blends or khadi fabrics and is more widespread in the form of a dupatta.
  • Chikankari from Lucknow

If you have ever stepped in Lucknow, you know that Chikankari is unique to this town. Traditionally made of muslin cloth, it is now available in almost all types of material. Chicken is the option for your new summer collection
  • Leheriya from Rajasthan

Leheriya is another form of bandhani but follows different techniques of cohesion and dyeing. The difference lies in the way the fabric gets tied during the dyeing process.

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