A wedding is the most glorious time in anyone’s life. Deciding the attire for your D-day is an interesting yet tiresome task. With a plethora of options, making the right choice for your wedding trousseau is tedious. You and your wedding attire are eye-centric on this special day giving you an angelic look.

Wearing traditional on the wedding day has rolled down for many years. Indian wedding is all about perennial music, colorful setups, grandeur, and classic handloom befitting loyalty. The vibrant silk saree tradition cites the stories of women from royal families.

The bride sent off in the pure Banarasi sarees looks elegant creating a unique aura taking the charm to a whole new level.

Are you excited to pick your wedding trousseau? Kaashi Creations is here with an interesting guide to choose and style the royal ethnic piece of beauty.

What to look for choosing the right silk saree?

For an ethereal beauty, here are some deciding factors to choose the right silk saree:

  1. Time of D-day

You must be wondering about the fact of deciding the time of your ceremony. To choose the theme and colors of your attire, it is necessary to know the season and the time of day. During the daytime, the light and pastel shades (peach, cream, blue, lime green, and light pink) are soothing while preferring dark and vibrant shades (red, orange, yellow, emerald green, or wine) is a great choice for weddings at night.

  1. Identifying the Purity

A pure silk saree consists of 5600 thread wires and definitely, it’s impossible to count them. Here is a tip! Look for the denser weave of the Zari pattern. Moreover, pure Banarasi silk appears darker in a few spots due to the reaction of silver with air. To regain the shine of the saree, get it polished. If you burn a silk thread, it smells like human flesh and not like plastic.

  1. Picking the Right Shade

In bridal culture, the color red is no longer an accepted norm to flatter the big-day look. For the brides who opt for Banarasi silk sarees, the connoisseurs of the classic drapes have expanded the horizons of color palettes. The blend of green & pink, white & brown, and red & golden are some of the classy combinations to flaunt your angelic look.

Saree collection for your wedding:

  1. Butidar Banarsi Saree

Richly woven with gold, silver, and zari threads, the Butidar silk saree features the gold thread work than silver threads. Therefore, the local artisans of Banaras have named this pattern the Ganga-Jamuna.

  1. Jangla Weaved Banarasi Saree

Jangla is a beautiful style of saree that features weaving of colorful threads to portray the ethnicity and rich culture of festivity through the pattern. Spread throughout the fabric, the intricate pattern is showered in the form of Jangla vegetation.

  1. Cutwork Banarasi Saree

The cutwork technique is implemented on the plain texture and after the removal of floating threads, the process is carried out. This category of saree gives you a transparent and dazzling look. Even if you are a bridesmaid, this is a go-to staple for a gleaming beauty.

With the showering weddings this season, pick your new favorites of richly designed silk sarees from Kaashi Creations. We have a colossal collection of pure Banarasi sarees to enhance your charm.