Handloom Silk Sarees: A Never-ending Royal Tinge

Saree is the epitome of classic ethnicity in India. Depicting the purity of Hindu tradition, this beautiful staple has attained global significance. Western wear is owned and accepted in India as well but wearing a saree is still an inseparable part of women’s wardrobe. 

The style of wearing a saree becomes the identity of the woman. However, beauty lies in every form of clothing but handloom silk sarees depict the perfect feminine beauty. With the continuous evolvement and modification, the meaning and style of saree tradition have come a long way. 

Kaashi Creations has a colossal collection of sarees to drape you in a classic ethnicity. Explore our exclusive range and add to your favorites. 

Why Should You Buy Silk Sarees?

Crease-free Drape

Creases in any fabric ruin the appearance of the fabric and the one who wears it. Many women struggle to get those perfect drapes in the sarees otherwise end up in discomfort. However, any fabric doesn’t guarantee its life and texture but certainly, the silk sarees won’t give you a bumpy ride. 

Providing you with a crease-free drape, the silk sarees enhance your personality. For the women hassling to settle the drapes, our silk sarees perfectly sit and flaunt your curves. 

Amusing Color

Unlike other fabrics, the finely processed silk threads spread its own charisma in the Indian attire. Pure silk sarees are adorned with the fusion of multiple colors that are amusing and appealing to the eyes. Complimenting your personality, Kaashi Creations has a variety of colors in silk sarees. We are damn sure, any color you pick will glorify your look.

Fascinating Prints 

Embellished with gold and zari threadwork, our artisans have given rise to modesty that blends perfectly with trends through silk sarees. Given the paisley motifs, zig-zag, symmetrical, jangla like patterns in the silk sarees, our Indian artisans have elevated the charm of this attire. Wearing silk sarees on any casual gatherings and occasional events amp up your celebration enthusiasm. Designed for a perfect silhouette, silk sarees impart breathable comfort in all seasons. 

Timeless Fashion Statement

Styling saree creates a fashion statement for women. The fine process and gold work in the warp and weft patterns of the fabric give it a shiny and luxurious appeal. 

Our top picks of Silk Sarees for You

Due to the royal and luxe feel, silk never goes out of trend. Hence, it is up to you how you take care of your silk collection. Washing the silk fabric fade of its glitter but our collection of silk sarees is purely dry-cleaned that retains the shine of the fabric. 

Here are some top picks to adorn you with silky royalty:

Light dark Purple Tanchoi Jamawar Handloom Silk Saree

Purple defines royalty and this purple handloom silk saree features the dense paisley motifs where it beautifully rolls down the Kashmiri design legacy. With heavy warp and multi-colored weft threading work, the saree beautifully adorns the women with varying body types. 

Teal Blue Kaashi Border Katan Silk handwoven saree

This stunning teal blue saree is unique in all aspects. The magical handwoven art in these silk sarees portrays the story of Kaashi ghats. The intricate designs are portrayed with pure silver and gold zari threads. We are damn sure, you look gorgeous in this classic drape and get an elegant look. 

At Kaashi Creations, you only get the handloom silk sarees with natural pigmentation. Our collection of silk sarees retains the shine for a long time and gives you a gleaming beauty.