India celebrates showering occasions throughout the year. A wedding, casual parties, or worship recitation are just an excuse to celebrate saree love for Indian women. Do you know which fabric strikes the minds of the women to look gorgeous? Undoubtedly, silk! Considered as one of the most luxurious fabrics, silk defines the ethereal beauty of beautiful ladies. Despite a diversified culture within the same nation, Silk sarees are the most effortless drape to
enhance the charm of women from any corner of the world. Silk drapes transform your appearance from ordinary to flattering. Styling the richly designed silk sarees with heavy jewelry confers you a ravishing look.

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Why do women love Katan Silk woven sarees?

Woven with pure silk threads, Katan features twisting of two threads, warp being the dominating weave. The magical twist by the artisans of Banaras makes it a classic handloom. Not only in India but Katan silk is connecting the cultural dots beyond the national territories. Silk is an old flame for women. The crispy and lustrous texture of this fabric makes it the softest
and light-weight thereby providing supreme comfort.

The Historical Grandeur of Katan Silk

Silk is reigning in the fashion industry for decades. The glistening fabric has its roots of origin in Persia. During the rise of the Mughal empire, silk stepped towards India. Back then, women from the royal families could please themselves by adorning themselves with silk drapes. Embellishing the fabric with intricate designs and detailing, the artisans from China, Persia, and
Banaras supplied the fascinating sarees. In the early stages, the paisley motifs were engraved on white and red silk fabric. With the time being, the rolled-down techniques of weaving have retained cultural glory through the artistic designs in the sarees.

How is Katan Silk prepared?

The preparation of Katan silk requires meticulous steps that ensure the high quality of the silk sarees. As a beginning step, the silk yarns are prepared by undergoing the process of steaming and other chemical treatments. The process softens the threads and enhances its malleability.
Spun in the spinning wheel, the threads are processed to get it ready for the loom.

Especially, Katan silk features the weaving by twisting only two yarns while other silk fabrics require multiple fabrics to wind up together. Lastly, the warp and weft of the fabric are dyed with high-quality pigments. The classic staple is then ready for you to sway the moment on any occasion.

Wrapping Up

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