With diversity in the nation, India celebrates occasions frequently. A wedding, casual parties, or worship recitation are huge awaiting moments for women to celebrate saree love. Do you know about the fabric that women have their eyes on? Guess it. It’s undoubtedly, silk! Imparting a luxe and gleaming beauty, silk sarees define the angelic beauty of the women.

Despite the available varieties in sarees, silk sarees are the most effortless drape that enhances the charm of the women from varying geographical lieus. From simple to impressive looks, the classic silk drapes give you a ravishing look. Silk sarees are a must-have go-to staple in every women’s wardrobe.

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What fascinates women about Katan silk woven sarees?

Katan silk sarees are woven with pure silk threads by twisting two threads where the warp is the major part of the weaving process. Our artisans create magic in the twisting that makes it a lovable and classic handloom among women across the globe. Katan silk not only is renowned in India but also outside the Indian territories.

Modern times bring modernity to the clothing culture as well. The royal and lustrous feel in the silk fabric gives it a soft and lightweight that imparts airy comfort.

The Rich History of Katan Silk

Silk is not new to India but ruling the fashion industry for ages. Originated in Persia, the silk fabric routed to India during the Mughal era. In the earlier times, only the women from royal families could drape themselves in the silk sarees.          

They received the collection from the artisans from China, Persia, and Banaras who depicted the Indian culture through fascinating prints. Back then, the motif and floral prints were imprinted on the white and red silk fabric. Since then, the weaving techniques are rolled down and the new-age artisans have successfully retained the cultural glory and the ethnicity.

The Preparation Technique of Silk Sarees

Katan silk is prepared following the meticulous procedure of fine processing. In the initial step, the silk yarns undergo a steaming process and other chemical treatments. It is done to soften the threads of the fabric to enhance the malleability of silk. To get it ready for the loom, the silk fabric is spun in the spinning wheel.

Katan silk features the twisting of only two yarns whereas other silk fabrics need multiple fabrics to twist silk to wind up together. In the last process, the threads are dyed to retain for a long time. It is then ready as a classic staple for women.

Wrapping Up

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