A wedding is a big day for everyone. Women dream to look like a queen and romanticize about looking perfect in their chosen attire. Unlike weddings in other countries, marriages in India are all about diversities and showing up the tradition through their attire that depicts ethnicity. Indians have a unique way of celebrating various events. The prominence of a bride’s apparel leaves a lasting impression on the people around.

For a lavish look, silk sarees are the most preferred choice among the brides. Though the modern is in the continuous evolvement state and the silk saree is still an elegant and irreplaceable traditional attire that magnifies our ethnicity.

Silk sarees are a huge love for women from all walks of life. Pure Banarasi sarees are one-of-a-kind staples that is ruling for a long decade.

Everyone talks about brides but today let’s talk about the attire for the guests at the wedding. Have wonderful browsing!

Our Top Guide to sway the wedding event:

  1. Silhouette and Styles

Looking for perfect styling for the ceremonies? Western gown or Indian traditional silhouette? We are here to solve your dilemma of picking the right. Keeping the social representation in mind, choosing a suitable attire is important if you wish to blend in with the crowd happily. Wherever you belong, pick the silk sarees that reflect Indian culture through graceful artistry.

Indian weddings are mostly pompous and exciting. So, the sarees with heavy brocading with bootis or crystals and chunky embellishments are always welcomed in weddings. Baluchari, tussar silks, Kanchipuram, pattu, and other silk sarees are some evergreen picks for women who love heritage weaving.

  1. Colors to Blend with the Occasion

Ethnic wear is immersed in vivid colors that radiate a colorful vibe at weddings. You get a chance to choose from various palettes. It would be wise if you avoid red/maroon picks in silk sarees as they draw more attention for bridal wear.

As a guest, you can opt for softer palettes or pastel hues that look adorable in every woman. Low and dull colors draw down your existence in a gathering. Picking the colors wisely elevates your charm and enhances your overall appearance. Explore our range of saree collections and pick your best.

  1. Inevitable Accessories

Indian weddings are flashy and mostly about clanking of ethnic earrings and neckpieces. If you are women who love their bling, pair your shiny silky sarees with trendy metallic jewelry. Get a flaunting look with precious metals and diamonds along with the classic drape. Make an appealing contrast of the sarees and the jewelry to get a shower of compliments. However, the shift is towards playing low with the accessories especially when you are attending an event as a guest.

Whether it’s a wedding or any formal event, the choice of your outfit matters and depends on the type of function. You can experiment with the fusion of colors and fabric. Get a luxurious shopping experience of pure Banarasi sarees with Kaashi Creations.