Select The Best Banarasi Silk Sarees For Wedding Functions

Sarees created in Varanasi, often known as Benares or Banaras, are known as Banarasi silk sarees. These sarees are famous for being considered the best in India. And there aren't many folks who don't enjoy these!


Mughal-inspired decorations, such as elaborate interwoven floral and foliate patterns, kalga and bel, & a chain of erect leaves known as jhallar at the outside, end of the border, are distinctive features of these sarees. A saree can take anything from fifteen days to a month and occasionally up to seven months to create, based on the complexity of its patterns and styles.

There are several different varieties of Authentic Banarasi sarees which a girl can choose. A silk saree isn't the only type of Banarasi saree available.

Banarasi sarees come in four different fabric types:

  1. Shattir

As you all expect, brides need a touch of modernism in their gowns, making Shattir an excellent choice. Under the title Banarasi, Shattir is the only fabric utilized to produce trendy and distinctive patterns.

  1. Pure silk (Katan)

Katan is indeed a silk material with a simple weave. Whole silk threads are weaved into a saree that is subsequently twisted and interwoven into perfect silk sarees. Whereas these sarees are now made on looms, Katan sarees were once traditionally handloom sarees on handlooms. Benarasi has captured affection all over once more because of the fabric's exceptional softness and fineness.

  1. Georgette Banarasi Sarees

Georgette is a beautifully woven lightweight fabric with a basic and straightforward weave that you may know. For modern sarees, this is particularly common.

  1. Organza (Kora) designed with zari and silk

Brocades are the most exquisite and beautifully woven fabrics, with themes made up of distinct weft and warp patterns. Zari brocade is created by gold-coating silver threads and weaving them closely around a silk yarn. The fabric is ideal for a marriage bride's

Banarasi Saree to allow her to seem stunning.

Handloom sarees with unique designs and are worth owning -

Bengal cotton Tant

Indian women favor light, airy, ventilating, and comfy cotton sarees for everyday use in the heat. Cotton fabric has long proven cooling to the skin due to its absorbent properties, making it ideal for hot climates. The Tant saree, a Bengal gift, is one such cotton handloom variant. The Tant saree, originally worn primarily by Bengali ladies but is now popular across the country, is classic in appearance but sophisticated in attitude.

Kanchi cotton

Owing to its textural beauty, the Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram Handloom pure Banarasi sarees have been among the best weaves in the latest handloom products. It has a high count and even a smooth touch through sight and feeling, which makes the heart happy.

The commitment of the Kanchi cotton sarees weavers can be seen in the choice of colors, the basic yet exquisitely detailed designs and themes, the strategic need for golden zari, and also the particular attention paid to the pallu or border piece, which converts a normal weave into a valued gift.

At last,

There is something vintage about a beautiful Banarasi saree, so you can't go wrong with that too if you've included it in your bridal wedding dress or wearing it on your engagement day. And believe experts, despite Banarasi lehengas are indeed a current phenomenon on the celebration day, they're not going away anytime soon.