Styling the Silk Saree for Authentic Bengali Elegance

Banarasi sarees portray the legacy of royalty and tradition. A pure Banarsi silk saree adds grace to the persona and sets the trend for women from all walks of life. Saree has always been a symbolic attire of dignity for women. The silk always belonged to the royal families but we have come a long way. With the evolution of sarees, the silk saree is the epitome of ethereal beauty for women.


Saree is an occasional outfit that is an essential staple to create a fashion statement. Back in times, this swath of cloth adorned elder women. With the changing trends, the Banarasi saree richly woven with gold and silver threads is a go-to pick for young girls as well.

Depicting the Indian culture, the artisans of Banaras have glorified the beauty and retained the tradition. Women are fond of wearing sarees a lot. Draping this classic attire in Bengali styles wins the hearts of the people.

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Styling Guide for Draping a Saree in a Bengali Style

Bengali women look adorable with the unmatched styling of the sarees. If you think of a Bengali woman, an adorable beauty draped in silky beauty with broad and shining borders strikes your mind. To bring out that ‘Bengali charm’ of you, we are here with a draping guide for you:

  1. Pick a pure Banarasi silk saree and iron properly for easy and graceful pleats.
  2. Now, hold one end of the saree and tuck it well. Wrap a single round of the sarees starting from the right side.
  3. For the time being, start making rough pleats of the pallu part of the saree thereby maintaining the length of the pallu to touch the ground.
  4. Secure the pallu with a safety pin to keep the pleats intact on the shoulders.
  5. From the leftover part of the saree, begin with forming neat and broad pleats. Folding the fabric with a maximum of 2-3 pleats and tuck the excess part around your waist.
  6. Coming back to the rough pleats on shoulders and reset them accordingly with the borders.
  7. Using the clips, set the pleats at an alternate distance measuring with the thumb and other fingers.
  8. Now, settle your pallu on the shoulders neatly and pin it to secure. Unclip the rest of the pleats they are settled.
  9. To portray the Bengali tradition, take the pallu and bring it from the back to the front and secure it on the right shoulder.
  10. Adding a brooch to the secured side of the pleats enhances the charm that portrays the perfect Bengali ethnicity.

To enhance beauty, accessorize your attire. Putting a huge Bindi of a contrasting color with a Kamar-bandh and chur gives you a more elegant look.

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