The Background OfKatan Silk SareesOnline

The fashion history has a lot of variety of all kinds of fabrics. Among all of these fabrics, Katan silk sarees are considered very charming and versatile fabrics. These sarees give a different look. There are a lot of silk threads twisted together with threads to form one cotton thread. The prize again depends on the budget that you want. If you want a very pure silk saree then it will cost too much. Wireless simple saree does not cost much. This is why the pure katan saree price is very high. If you want to buy Katan sarees then make sure that you buy very pure and durable.


The history of Katan silk sarees

The Katan silk saree is very predominant since the Mughal Era. Generally, this is the design and silk which is originally from Persia. It was meant for the royal families of Mughals especially the women who used to wear it. Even today this is silk is a symbol of luxury. The sturdy look given by this silk gives a royal look. Mostly the royal women used to adorn themselves with these silk sarees. The current selling of katan silk sarees online is because of modernization.

Types of katan silk

There are wide varieties and colors available in the Katan silk. Most of the online websites sell these types of katan silk sarees online. The types are as listed below:

  • Katan brocade – it is made up of gold and zari butties on the loom across the cloth. These butties are mostly floral or leafy designs.
  • Katan butidar – this fabric has only gold butties which can be sometimes made up of mixed fabrics
  • Jamdani – this is the silk that is translucent and has thick thread effects on it which emboss it.
  • Jangla – this material has intricate silk designs on it which are woven in silk and zari work.
  • Tanchoi – this is a material that has gold and silver zari work along with a hint of satin blend in the silk.
  • Kinkhab – it has a detailed gold and silver work in such a manner that the background color is hardly visible.

Properties of the katan silk

The cotton silk looks very royal and shiny which is very comfortable for daily wear for corporate wear. It is a very widely liked textile material these days. This is a very light fabric that is worn by women especially on most occasions. The fabric gives a luxurious look which may make people ask you the katan saree price. Nowadays even men wear kurtas and sherwanis made-up of katan silk.

It requires some maintenance that as washing it with cold water and drinking it. Avoid drying it in the sunlight to prevent the clothes from fading. It is also suggested that you should go for dry cleaning. Today in the fashion industry cotton silk is the most preferable fabric and is very easy e to obtain. The increasing demand for katan silk is making it more and more popular among the public to use it.