Tips To Preserve Your Handloom Sarees

Handloom Sarees are woven by hand with the help of wooden beams and poles. This is mostly regional work that is done by weavers. The sarees are mostly very expensive and made up of silk or zari threads. Currently, the sarees are made from machines handlooms but still, the sarees made by traditional handloom methods have their own beauty and importance.


These sarees can also be passed from the generations. It has a lot of emotions attached to it. These sarees are very delicate to handle. Once these sarees get damaged then they cannot be restored. Maintaining the sarees is a very difficult task and once you make a mistake it may make you feel regretful. So to avoid this there are tips to maintain the handloom saree.

Tips to preserve the sarees

  • Wash care

You need to be very careful before washing the sarees. Soak it in saltwater and do not brush it. Do not brush it even if there is any stain on it. Rinse it in cold water a lot of times. Use of very small quantity of mild detergent. And wash it in a manner that all the soap is washed off. Silk sarees demand dry cleaning only. So look at the instructions that are given on it. Why usage of any kind of chemicals. Never ever use hot water on any of your saree. Also, you should avoid watching any hand-woven saree in washing machines. If you have bought sarees online, then the website might have suggested some washing care.

  • Removing stains

Most of the stains in the handwoven sarees get removed if you get them dry cleaned. But if there is any string then dip a handkerchief in petrol and wipe it. The petrol gets evaporated and there will be no stain. If there is some food chain then you can apply some talcum powder immediately which will soak the particles of the stain. Another method is applying a thick layer of white toothpaste. Leave it for 3 to 4 days and wash the sari unless the stain completely vanishes. If it still does not go then get ready to buy new sarees online.

  • Storing the saree

If you want to store the handloom saree for a long time then you must check first that it is watched completely and there are no stains on it. Next, you can store the saree after ironing it in soft cotton or muslin cloth. Wrap the cloth around the saree. It will give the sari a breathing space. This will prevent the saree from sticking to each other. Make sure that the place is dry and dark so that the saree does not fade. Keep it away from moisture because it can damage the saree.

So, maintaining a Handloom Saree is not a difficult task but you need to do this to maintain the shine and look of the saree.  Follow these above-mentioned tips if you want to maintain your sarees for ages.