Where to Buy Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree?

Saree might be the go-to choice for women nowadays, but it started as a humble drape thousands of years ago. The history of sarees traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization which came into inception during 2800–1800 BC in northwest India.

Our country is the richest when it comes to clothing options, especially sarees, which evokes the feeling of grandiosity and richness instantly. There are more than 30 types of regional sarees available in India. Among all the sarees available, the Katan banarasi saree has always been the first choice among Indian women.

What is Katan Silk?

Katan is a plain-woven fabric made from the purest form of silk threads. It is handwoven by twisting a pair of silk warp and weft to turn silk into the fabric. There are several advantages associated with the Katan fabric, it is the softest, lightest, and flexible to wear compared to other materials.

Moreover, the Katan silk comes with the perfect texture that makes it ideal for different types of work, making it more unique. At the same time, it is easily recognizable that distinguishes it from other types of silk fabrics.

Banaras and Saree

Banaras is among the oldest living cities, famous for paan, perfumes, ivory works, sculpture, and especially sarees. Banarsi sarees have a rich historical significance which started around the 14th century during the Mughal period. The artisans from Banaras are known for developing unique and complicated silk brocades, which provides their renowned appealing look. Thanks to
these brocades and engravings, the banarasi saree has made a prominent place among Indian women and flourished in the market.

Katan Banarasi Saree - Indian Bride's Trousseau

The primary reason behind the popularity of the Katan banarasi saree among Indian women is that it is entirely handwoven. Of course, it is made from top-notch quality natural silk, which provides a unique, captivating design as well as intriguing quality. However, the complexity and hard work involved, including cutwork weaving and kadwa weaving, take elegance and simplicity to another level.

Katan Banarsi sarees are tremendously delightful and captivatingly mystical, making them a perfect bridal torso. A wedding is an immeasurable and notable event for every woman, and this is the reason Indian women want only the best on the most memorable day of their life. And Katan Silk Banarasi saree provides a majestic and luxurious look, making them feminine, soft, and bridal. However, such a thing doesn't mean one can't wear them at events or occasions, making them a must-have for a woman's wardrobe.

Where to Buy Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree?

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