Pure Khadi Georgette Handloom Saree - A Saree to look at, A Style to wear on

What if you get a lovely handwoven saree with a feel of patriotism and purity at the same time.

A handloom saree will always make you feel special when you wear one as the labour and love it takes is precious from anything. A weaver spends days making one saree to live upon the tradition. Also, we consider Khadi a sign of Nation love and purity.


Why is Pure Khadi Preferred?

We all know that Khadi articles of clothing have always been a centre of attraction among many other types of garments. This is because it carries various qualities like its unique texture, breathability, comfort & durability.
Besides all this, a woman wearing Khadi Georgette Banarsi Saree will surely get the eyes on her quickly and will flaunt her beauty more than anything.


What Handloom Saree is?

Handloom fabrics are fabric created on a weaving device called Loom. We call this process loved labour more than just creating or weaving it. The process generally takes 2-3 days of dedicated work to produce the incredible magic of yarns into a beautiful Saree.

A Handloom saree woven with Khadi yarns keeping all its quality reserved, is what Pure Khadi Handloom saree is.

We have curated this piece for you to make you feel comfortably stylish and may also give you a very traditional look if you carry light jewellery with it.